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Wild Witch Vintage.

Jinx Remover Soap, Cleanse, Pagan, Wicca, Spell work. Witch.



Direct from the USA.

Jinx Remover.

It is said that you can wash away that

evil curse that is hanging above you with

Jinx Removing Soap.

Conditions should clear up fast when used daily.

For added success apply Jinx Removing Oil or Perfume.

Powerful Indian Soap, 85g Bar.

Focus with strong intention on your request, magic comes from within.

It is advised to have a special prayer or chant to focus your mind, if you wish we can provide you with this.

While using you can also burn a candle to focus & we also supply oils to anoint candles.

You need to focus for at least 15 minutes on positive energies.

This should be a ritual to empower yourself & give peace.

Use when you feel you need help to rid your life

of sinister forces.

Concentrate on your desire.

Warning! Not to be taken internally.

NOT sold for therapeutic, medical, or cosmetic use.

NOT to be consumed.

Keep out of the reach of children.

We take extreme

pride in our DISPATCH


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